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Three Exercises to Hit Baseballs HARDER

In a perfect world, you would roll out of bed with messy hair, slap on a helmet, and be able to hit 450 foot dong shots. However, what's far more likely is that you actually need to train your body so that you can hit the ball with any sort of distance. No disrespect of course. Here are the three exercises that are going to allow you to hit harder: "medicine ball rollout drill," "static pvc drill," and "rock the baby drill."

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Three Exercises to Hit Baseballs HARDER -- Med Ball Rollout Drill

The first exercise to help improve how hard you hit baseballs is the med ball rollout drill. You want to make sure that you stay on your back leg as much as possible, to increase power. If you don’t stay on your back leg, you’ll remove tension and your arms will try to pick up the slack. This increases the amount of mis-hits and lowers the miles per hour of your exit velocity.

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Three Exercises to Hit Baseballs HARDER -- Static PVC Drill

The second exercise is the static pvc drill. This exercise also ensures that tension remains in your back half. You should feel it specifically in your back oblique. When you hold the pvc pipe correctly, you’ll be able to get your body to feel your legs fire first, and it will train your upper body to deliver once the ball arrives in the appropriate position.

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Three Exercises to Hit Baseballs HARDER -- Rock the Baby Drill

The last drill is the “rock the baby drill”. For this one, you’ll use the pvc pipe again. However, this time, the objective is to get your arms into the correct position. You want to create a box with your arms. If it is not a true box, then the pvc pipe will slip or fall. If it is, the pipe will contact the ball effectively.


Phew...okay. We got to the end. Reading is tough, right? What's even tougher is baseball, but through consistent improvement, you will continue your journey toward excellence. Keep implementing these exercises into your routine, and I promise that your swing and confidence will improve significantly.

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