The gear you need to be the player you want

Welcome to the newest way to get the gear you’ve been missing out on. A box of baseball gear and accessories delivered to your door, every month.

Take your game to the next level with Plate Crate!

What Plate Crate’s all about

Plate Crate is a baseball subscription box that delivers gear, training aids, and baseball related items to your door every month. Every player, at any age, can benefit from Plate Crate! Each crate has between three and five items, and is guaranteed to have a value of over $30. Every crate is unique and changes every month. Plate Crate is for baseball players who love the game and everything about it.

How It Works

It’s actually pretty simple… Pick a membership, sign up on our website, then wait for some really cool stuff to show up.

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Plate Crate offers four memberships to choose from. Each one has a different length of commitment and subscription cost.

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Don’t hog all of the fun! Be giving, and give a gift to a friend, family member or colleague and let them get in on the action.

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