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Get a monthly box of baseball or softball gear, training aids, and custom accessories. Every month is completely unique. Discover the gear not sold in stores with Plate Crate.

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Plate Crate is a monthly box of baseball gear, training aids, swag, snacks and so much more! Every player, at any age, can benefit from Plate Crate! Each crate has between 5 and 8 items, and is guaranteed to have a value of over $40. Each month is completely different, you will never get the same box twice. Plate Crate is for baseball players who love the game and everything about it. Join the thousands of baseball and softball players across the country using their Plate Crates to dominate this season. Subscribe today.

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It’s actually pretty simple… Pick a membership, sign up on our website, then wait for some really cool stuff to show up.

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Plate Crate offers four memberships to choose from. Each one has a different length of commitment and subscription cost.

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