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Spotlight Season 3 Episode 1: Matt Lopes

Spotlight is a Plate Crate podcast that shines some light on amazing people in the baseball world.

Hosted by Plate Crate founder, Josh Band, each episode dives into different baseball personalities from all industries. Spotlight highlights some of the most brilliant baseball minds- whether that be elite coaches, social media and content professionals, or wood bat designers- you’ll hear from the best of the best. Listen to how they got started, why they continue to do it, and how baseball has remained a centerpiece in their lives

On This Episode

On this episode of Spotlight, Josh sits down to interview Matt Lopes, of Matt Lopes Baseball! Matt details the highs and lows of his personal baseball career, how he got into coaching, and how he has drastically changed his coaching philosophy over the past two years.

Matt works with ball players at every stage of the game, and gets to know them on a personal level too. He emphasizes that each player is different, and with that, he tailors his coaching style to fit that player.

He also addresses the toll that the COVID- 19 pandemic had on him and his players. For an extended period of time, he was not giving in person hitting lessons, so he spent his time watching videos and furthering his knowledge. He expresses that this time was a crucial turning point for both his hitting and coaching philosophy, and you’ll have to listen to learn what that is!  

About Matt Lopes

Matt played baseball for as long as he could remember, and he usually played behind the plate. He always took baseball seriously, but he elevated his game in high school, and landed himself on the Wilmington University (DE) baseball team, and played during the school’s best seasons- to this day.

Upon graduation, Matt knew his time as a player was over, but he wanted to stay involved in the game. He started doing tons of video research, and talking with other hitting coaches- and this inspired him to start giving lessons of his own.

Today, he gives hitting lessons at The House of Grind, and is an assistant coach at Elite Squad Baseball- both located in West Pembroke Pines, Florida!

Where to Listen

Want to hear the full episode and learn more? All episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher! Be sure to follow Plate Crate on Facebook and Instagram for new episode releases, and to follow Matt on Instagram!

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