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Plate Crate: The Ultimate Baseball Gift

Plate Crate: The Ultimate Baseball Gift

Interested in a baseball gift that delivers a hit month after month?

Want something different then the same old baseball gifts you’ve given year after year?

Want to win with your next gift you give to your favorite baseball fan?

Then you need a Plate Crate! The ultimate baseball gift.

Hi, I’m Josh and I am the founder and CEO of Plate Crate, a baseball subscription box that has been delivering baseball right to your door since 2015.

Why Plate Crate is the Ultimate Baseball Gift for Pitchers

We get it. Pitchers are built different. What you wear, how you throw, and the rituals that make you, you, when you’re staring 60’ 6” at the 3 hole hitter with the game on the line.

That’s why we put together our Pitcher crate to help you bring your A-game every time.

Want even more? Our Pitcher Crate Pro helps any pitcher build the equipment and gear necessary to bring on the mound.

Why is Plate Crate the Ultimate Baseball Gift for Hitters?

We took what we did with our pitchers and thought, how do we make sure our hitters have the edge they need to match our best pitchers.

The Hitter Crate Pro was born.

Training equipment, arm guards and more make our Hitter crate the starter kit for a monster season.

Why Plate Crate is the Ultimate Baseball Gift for Super Fans

Hey Josh, hold up!

I get it, you make a dope baseball box, but baseball is my LIFE. What do you have for me?

Well future Plate Crate subscriber, our monthly subscription is even better than you could imagine. Check out our November Old School 2020 box.

Filled with original apparel, seeds, and even a baseball glove leather wallet. If you’re a real superfan than you should be a Plate Crate subscriber

Why is Plate Crate the Best Baseball Gift for any Birthday?

Have you seen our past crates?

No, seriously, check them out

Every month we bring as much value as we possibly can to Plate Crate. If you are looking to get a baseball gift that brings more excitement than you can imagine month after month, the only option is a Plate Crate subscription.

Why Plate Crate is great for Baseball Moms?

Mom, you didn’t think we would forget you!?!?

Nearly every baseball player in the world has their mom to thank for something when it comes to the game of baseball.

Well on game day we also know what every mom needs.

Hat? Check.

Baseball Mom Shirt? Check.

Tote bag with snacks and an extra water because you know we’ll forget ours? Double Check!

Badass travel mug for iced tea/water/coffee or anything else? Got you mom!

Don’t worry Dad, we didn’t forget you either

What makes Plate Crate Different

We were built for baseball players, by baseball players. We bleed the game at all levels and we can’t wait to connect with fans and players around the world to bring the game of baseball to the highest level.

Want to hear a bit more about us?

Go here to find out more about how Plate Crate began

Defining The Ultimate Baseball Fan with The Ultimate Baseball Gift

We’ve come a long way at Plate Crate. We’ve made it our mission to keep growing the game every month.

That’s why when we were contacted by Whistle Sports to dive in on our brand and bring it to an even higher level, we were excited to reach a new audience who was as crazy about the game of baseball as we were.

Hopefully we’ve given you all the information you need when making a decision of whether Plate Crate is the right fit for you, but we know if you’ve read this far that you already know the answer.

Click here to sign up today and start getting the best gift in baseball delivered to your home.

We look forward to having you join the Plate Crate family!

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