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Welcome to Plate Crate

josh band founder of plate crate Hi! My name is Josh and I'm the founder of Plate Crate. I started Plate Crate in 2015 from the back of my SUV while I was playing Independent Ball in the Midwest. I was shocked there was no baseball subscription box on the market and thought, hmm that could be fun. 
I bought the first round of boxes and branded them with a rubber stamp. I'd come home from practice or a game and finish returning our first customers emails before I sent out their Plate Crates the following morning. 
Over the last 5 years Plate Crate has grown into a rich baseball community where ballplayers can do more than just find great gear. We connect players and families to the game they love through Plate Crates. I love meeting our members and hearing about their season or the what hitting challenge they liked best.
Our motto is simple, team first. We realized that by picking each other up and putting our teammates first, we can all grow, and continue to enjoy the game we love.
Welcome to Plate Crate... now let's get after it. 
- Josh