Why isn't my code working

The most common reason for coupons not working is simply due to a spelling error. Always make sure to check the spelling and punctuation of your coupon code. 

If you are using a new code that you received via email, on our Social Media, or through our website and your code is still not working, it may be because most of our codes are not available for our 1 Month Give a Gift. Always make sure to read the guidelines to our promotions to make sure the code is applicable to what you are ordering and is entered correctly. 

Most codes will not work until you enter your email in the top left with your customer information.

What if I already placed an order before using the code that I received?

-Not a problem and no need to cancel and to resign back up! Cancelling and signing back up will create 2 orders so you'll get charged and shipped out 2x and I'm sure that isn't what you're looking for!

-If you have a subscription, our promo and free item codes will not be applicable to those auto-renewing subscription. These codes and promo's are for new orders only. Any question please see below:

-Simply just email us Bullpen@PlateCrate.com within 24 hours of ordering and one of our Customer Care Specialist will manually take care of this for you. Just let them know which coupon code you did not have the chance to input during checkout!

Discount Codes will not work on Player Specific Crates. 

Need relief?
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