Plate Crate Monthly Guide: October 2022

What's in the Crate?

October's theme is Splinter!

Use this guide to get the most out of your monthly crate!

Short Sleeve Tee

October’s Splinter Crate features this short sleeve tee with a great color palette and abstract baseball diamond graphic. This super soft tee is made of high quality materials and is a great baseball tee to add to your wardrobe.

Hand Eye Wheel

This Bandit Sports hand-eye wheel is a great baseball training aid to help improve hand-eye coordination. This Bandit Sports baseball training aid is a great addition to your baseball skills practice. This training equipment can be used by yourself or with your whole baseball team to improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Mini Impact Balls

These Bandit Sports Impact Balls help athletes with their swing and give instant feedback to baseball players using these to improve their batting skills. These heavy-duty, whiffle-like practice baseballs are designed to improve an athlete’s swing and are great to use during baseball practice with the team.

Survival Bracelet

This survival bracelet is a fun and fashionable way to prepare yourself for any situation! Survival bracelets are made of heavy duty paracord that can be unraveled if needed and used in a variety of ways. This survival bracelet can be used as shoelaces in your baseball cleats if yours break, or in many other situations!

Pink Single Gravity Ball

Every October Splinter Plate Crate includes a pink gravity ball. The unique shape of the gravity ball training aid causes unpredictable movement when thrown. The double walled thickness of a gravity ball reduces dents and increases movement. Gravity balls for baseball can help pitchers and batters to improve their baseball skills.

BBQ Seeds

These BBQ flavored Ballpark sunflower seeds are filled with great flavor and bring the nostalgic fun experience of eating sunflower seeds while playing baseball. Throw a bag of these sunflower seeds with your baseball gear and enjoy them during a baseball game or baseball practice!

Splinter Sticker

This baseball sticker is great for your laptop, sports water bottle, baseball bag or on any other baseball equipment or baseball accessory. Baseball stickers are a great way to show your team spirit and love for the game- and this one matches your new super soft tee!!

Golden Ticket

Scratch off your golden ticket and find prizes like $10 gift cards, free shirts, mystery crates and more baseball themed items! Every ticket is a winner.