Plate Crate Monthly Guide: October 2021

What's in the Crate?

October's theme is Rally! Use this guide to get the most out of your monthly crate!

Rally Long Sleeve

The Rally Long Sleeve Shirt is perfect for that chilly fall weather this October.

Jump Rope

Stay in shape this off-season with the Bandit Sports Jump Rope.

Knob Taper

Increase Bat Control with the Bandit Sports Knob Taper, found inside your October Rally Crate!

Crusher 3 Pack

Work on your bat path with this Crusher Three Pack. These have a limited flight path and are perfect for working on your swing.

Hot Dog Stadium Seeds

In every October Rally Crate, find a bag of Hot Dog Stadium Seeds

Rally Sticker

Perfect for your laptop, helmet, water bottle or anywhere else you want to stick it!

Golden Ticket

Scratch off your golden ticket and find prizes like $10 gift cards, free shirts, mystery crates, and more! Every ticket is a winner.