Our February Plate Crate is our Best. Crate. Ever.

Every month at Plate Crate we are constantly trying to one up ourselves from what we have done before. Last month, we teamed up with Topps to bring our members a unique opportunity and we built a limited edition backpack exclusively for you but this month, we are taking it to another level.

We made our own speaker!

Our Cage Speaker is custom built for our Plate Crate family so that you can bring the music that motivates you with you wherever you go, loud and proud. We even built out a custom playlist on Spotify using your favorite songs. Whether it’s swings in a cage, on the field, or on the bus headed to a game, we built a playlist that fits any situation.

Like, usual though it doesn’t stop there. This month's box theme is Maple and Ash, and features one of the best T-Shirts we’ve ever designed, not just for on the field, but for relaxing off it playing MLB the Show or hanging with your friends.

We also dropped a brand new flavor with our Honey Mustard Stadium Pretzels, available exclusively through Plate Crate. We spent months finding a flavor and pretzel that we loved and we know you are going to enjoy these Honey Mustard Stadium Pretzels.

Each month, we also make sure to support each Plate Crate subscription box with key items that round out the box and bring even more value. The Maple & Ash Crate doesn’t disappoint.

We’ve also included a Maple & Ash Bat Grip, Sticker and a Pine Tar Rag from Bandit Sports. Want more training and on the field gear from Bandit? Head over here to check out the other gear we offer from Bandit Sports.

We also have our Golden Tickets inside each crate, that enter you to win a number of various prizes. This month the grand prize is a Marucci Cat8 Bat!

At Plate Crate we want to offer the best baseball subscription box in the world, and we want to do this by innovating and providing you value that no one else in baseball can even think about offering.

If you haven’t already subscribed, we hope you will join us this month by going here to subscribe. We promise that what we have coming for our Plate Crate subscribers is even better than what you’ve seen so far! We hope you enjoy your Plate Crate!