Plate Crate Monthly Guide: December 2021

What's in the Crate?

December's theme is WALKOFF! Use this guide to get the most out of your monthly crate!

Walkoff T-Shirt

In every December Walkoff Crate, find this super soft Walkoff T-shirt. This shirt features a scorecard design with a special Easter Egg hidden in the design - can you find it?

Walkoff Hat

The Walkoff Hat is a snapback trucker hat that features this month's Walkoff Scorecard design underneath the brim. Looking for more? Check out the walkoff hidden on the scorecard.

Walkoff Bat Grip

In every December Walkoff Crate, find this Walkoff Bat Grip that features our Walkoff Scorecard design.

Bandit Sports Swing Disk

This month's featured item is our most requested training tool, ever. The Bandit Sports Swing Disk Three Pack helps you to practice your swing path with immediate visual feedback.

Stadium Popcorn Triple Mix

Get in the holiday spirit with this bag of Stadium Popcorn Triple Mix. This popcorn has caramel, cheddar, and white cheddar pieces for the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

Walkoff Sticker

Perfect for your laptop, helmet, water bottle or anywhere else you want to stick it!

Golden Ticket

Scratch off your golden ticket and find prizes like $10 gift cards, free shirts, mystery crates, and more! Every ticket is a winner.

This month, as part of our partnership with Easton, you could win an ADV Hype, discounts from Easton, and other prizes.

Easton Sticker

Find this Easton Sticker in every December Walkoff Crate as part of our partnership with Easton!