Believe the HYPE

Easton's new ADV Hype bat is the company's latest innovative addition to the baseball bat market. Easton spent extensive time gathering feedback and research on exactly what baseball players were looking for. The result is impressive.

We got a chance to talk with Easton Bat Manager, John Loeffler, who was able to give us some behind the scenes info about the creation and performance highlights of the ADV Hype bat. He was able to detail the process of creating this bat, which took 2-3 years of gathering feedback from players and teams. Once they had a certified design, they conducted surveys to get an idea of how actual players ranked the bat’s performance.  

Easton designed the ADV Hype bat for hitters who want more pop without sacrificing the all-around performance of a typical alloy bat. This bat is the lightest swinging bat in Easton's lineup and will deliver explosive power upon contact. Now a part of the company, Loeffler grew up using Easton bats himself, crediting the Stealth as one of his favorite and most memorable bats.  

The ADV Hype offers both BBCOR and USSSA models depending on what standards your organization plays under. This bat is an elite option for any level of baseball.

The Hype is available in several sizes, including drop three, BBCOR, through drop 10, USSSA. Drop 10 will be the most prevalent size used by players this season. Overall, about 90 percent of ADV bats sold are black finish, though Easton might start selling more color. The Hypes are all featured with a navy metallic finish that sets it apart!

The new ADV Hype bat focuses on feel. It is designed to be one of the stiffest feeling bats on the market, in response to the feedback that they received from players from youth to adult.

The bat is offered in 2 5/8in (BBCOR), and 2 3/4in(USSSA) barrel diameters, and is made of composite materials. The barrel is designed to flex more on contact, which should result in more power. It also has a larger sweet spot than some of the industries other composite bats to give hitters a more consistent feel when they make contact.

The Easton ADV Hype bat has power boost soft knob technology. This will provide batters with more leverage and improved comfort for the bottom hand. The handle is designed with extra-stiff carbon fibers to create a more solid feel. This appeals to many elite athletes that love that stiff feel.

The bat is also externally-weighted, which means more weight is located in the barrel and less weight is in the handle. This design gives hitters more mass behind the ball at contact, translating into more power. This bat gives players exactly what they need to hit bombs!

Easton's new ADV Hype bat is sure to be a hit with hitters this season. It provides the power they are looking for without sacrificing the feel they love. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit any hitter's needs and it comes with Easton's industry-leading warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Order your ADV Hype bat today!

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