April's theme is Classic

Use this guide to get the most out of your monthly crate!

Swing Disks - the absolute best way to promote a level swing!

There is a very old and still very popular drill called…the Bucket Lid Drill. In this drill you throw the lid of your bucket to the back of the cage. This promotes a level swing. The problem is you have to chase the lid each time. The lid also sticks to your hand. After all, it wasn’t made to do this drill. That’s why we made something that was meant to do this drill. We included 3 instead of 1. We took off the lip of the edge so it doesn’t get stuck to your finger. Now you can do the Bucket Lid drill…without the bucket lid.

  • Improve your bat path
  • Creates a more level swing
  • Shows when the bat is getting too “steep” or to “choppy”
  • Easy to travel with
  • Great warm up drill
  • 3 pack

Foldable Duffel Bag - the best way to bring your gear to the field!

  • When folded, it is only 6 inches wide.
  • When unfolded, it comfortably holds baseball equipment like gloves, helmets, and even plate crates.



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