Plate Crate Reviews

  • I really liked it, lots of variety. The best way I can describe it is Its like a christmas stocking stuffed with baseball stuff.

    Chris New Jersey
  • The box is absolutely amazing and a great deal. I have been recommending this to all of the baseball players I know and all of the baseball fans I know and will continue to do so wherever I go. I have loved and enjoyed all of my plate crates. Thank you so much for this service. It definitely has made a difference for me. I appreciate all you have done!

    Kaleb Missouri
  • This was a great birthday gift for my 15 year old son. He can’t wait to receive the next box because it will be filled with something you don’t normally see. I have recommended this to friends with boys who want to increase their baseball skills.

    Anne Massachusetts
  • I wish we had this as I was a kid growing up its awesome keep doing what yall do and I’ll spread the word to everyone possible it’s awesome, I know my step son loves it!

    Justin Texas
  • Boys can’t stop talking about Plate Crate. This is how they are choosing for me to pay them for their chores!

    Robin Georgia