Decision Making

Decision Making

What shirt am I gonna rock today? What should I have for lunch? These are some of the smaller, non-life altering decisions that we make every day, but throughout our life we will be faced with some big ones. Like, will I retire at Millionaire Estates, or am I going bankrupt. Everyone always wants to make the right decision, but as hindsight will tell us, we’re probably batting around .300. So, how do we improve our decision making before we know where life is going to take us.

First, I want to look at the little decisions. The small choices we make every day can have a huge impact later on and this is where the answer for our decisions should come from. I adopted this idea from Ben Hunt-Davis and England’s Gold Medal rowing team. You can watch a clip of this idea here: (link). Essentially, use your goals to drive your decisions. If your goal is to become a better hitter, then your decisions need to revolve around finding time to hit more and hit with a good hitting coach. If your goal is to be less of a workaholic, then make the decision to leave work on time and schedule some social events for you and your family. The easiest example of this is our diet. If what you’re about to eat isn’t going to help you towards your current fitness goal, then find a better option. As you continue to make the right decisions that goal will continue to be closer and closer to reality. A quick check with yourself takes all of 10 seconds. “Will this help me reach my goal?” Then the decisions is easy.

What changes when the decisions start to feel bigger? What school should I attend after college? Should I go to a 4 year school or Junior College first? If I’m drafted should I take it or go to school and try to improve my stock? If I’m playing and I get released, what should my next move be? My first suggestion here is to have at least one person you can talk to that can help you with these big decisions. Sometimes they don’t even need to give you their opinion. Simply talking through the scenarios help the answers come out on their own, but for the tough ones its really helpful to have someone else’s opinion. Once you’ve looked at all the facts and feelings, consulted your inner circle, and slept on it it’s time to make your choice (and it is definitely yours to make).

Once you make what feels like a big decision you need to make it with conviction. Conviction is important in the beginning because you must believe in the choice you make. The more time you spend doubting yourself the more time you’re wasting not making the best of your new situation. Then, in the long run accept your choice. What do I mean by this? It’s okay to be wrong. Looking back I can see plenty of options that could have helped my career, but that’s only because I have information now that I didn’t have then.

Whether we like it or not we all will have to stare down some big decisions. Surround yourself with people that you believe in and that also believe in you. Then once you make your move, do it boldly and don’t look back.

Written by: Cameron Monger, Plate Crate Sponsored Athlete, Normal Cornbelters

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