Be yourself to be a better player

Don’t mimic players. Plain and simple.  I see a lot of ballplayers try and model their swings after major league players. Major leaguers don’t all have the same swing but they all have the same core mechanics which allows them to be so consistent and play at such a high level.  It’s important to realize that you are not Jose Bautista or Josh Donaldson. You are you! You have your own style and your own swing. Embrace that, and find out what works for you.  Take tidbits from coaches that work for you that best support your swing.  Once you start trying to be the best version of yourself and stop trying to be a mirror image of your favorite player you will have much more success.  If Bryce Harper tried to swing like Hunter Pence growing up would he have the same success?  No, he swung like Bryce Harper because that’s the best possible way to him to develop his full potential.  Take advice from coaches, try new training aids,  and use what works for you. Soak everything in like a sponge. Your brain is like an ATM, you can only take out what you previously put in. Deposit all the information you can and withdraw what works best. Take parts of a swing you can identify with and feel comfortable using at the plate.  Do you, and get better everyday!


Article written by: Josh Band

Owner, Plate Crate LLC

3 years professional baseball player

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