Five ways to instantly improve your game

Five things to instantly improve your game

1.   Tee

The Tee! Its so simple but many players don’t understand the value in a tee. Everyone should have their own There is no question about it. The tee is so versatile to not only improve your hitting mechanics but also master them. Although some tee’s get pricey the more expensive ones generally are the ones you want. The tanner tee is a great one to start with and retails around $70.

2.    One Hand Bat

One hand bats can be purchased, made, or you can use an old tee ball bat to get the job done. One hand drills are so important for dissociating the different parts of your swing. If we can master our top and our bottom hand our swings will be more efficient and powerful. Using a one hand bat also exaggerates problem areas in the swing. Get one today and work some drills for a more efficient swing. Check out the PH15. It’s the best one hand bat you can buy.

3.    Two Hands Pro

We are so lucky to live in a day and age where things are not just accepted but are worked tirelessly and improved upon. The two hands pro is one of those inventions. We have all used the pancake glove to field ground balls and some of us have even used a wooden paddle. The two hands pro allows us to do the same drills but with the comfort of our own glove! It is truly amazing and way too affordable for everyone to not own one. Field with this training aid for 15 minutes and see an instant improvement in transfer and over all fielding skills. Purchase at for $20.


4.    Glasses or contacts

Get your eyesight checked! This is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you. You can have a perfect swing but if you cant see the ball it will not matter. I did not get contacts until my second year of professional baseball and it made a world of a difference. If you cant see the spin on the ball you’re at a severe disadvantage. If you are serious about continuing your career in baseball get your eyes checked!


5.    Water

It sounds like a nagging AAU mother yelling at her son to chug water between innings. Here is a little bit of knowledge, she’s right! Dehydration can cause a variety of things to happen, all of which will inhibit your game on the field. Some symptoms of dehydration include, lightheadedness, blurred vision, muscle cramps, fatigue and a bunch more. Even if you are only a tiny bit dehydrated these symptoms still occur. Chug water like momma says. You’ll thank her for it when all your teammates are cramping in the 8th and you’re your still chugging along crushing baseballs.


Article written by: Josh Band

Owner, Plate Crate

3 years professional baseball experience

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